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Frequently the adjective “orthodox” is burdened with a conception that it might represent obstinately entrenched fundamentalism. The Jewish community in Wuerzburg and Unterfranken, as it rose again after the Second World War, is one of the very few communities guided by Jewish traditions and at the same time by an openness to progress in a modern world. From the beginning great efforts were made to base itself on a tolerant and yet self-condident “orthodoxy” as it had been defined in the 19th century by the worldwide renowned Rabbi Seligman Baer Bamberger /1807-1878).

The work of the “Wuerzburg Rav” laid the ground for a tradition which soon was to be known as the “Wuerzburg Orthodoxy”. It encourages a Jewish concept of the world combining loyalty towards tradition with intellectual open-mindedness. For this and for himself the “Wuerzburg Rav” coined the phrase: “You should know that I permit everything which I am permitted to allow on the basis of religion and the law of our sacred torah. For, as it is prohibited to permit the prohibited, so it is prohibited to prohibit the permitted” (Jad ha-Levi, Jore De’ah No. 30, page 102, column 2)

Jewish community of wuerzburg and lower frankonia
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