www.shalomeuropa.de E-mail: shalomeuropa@gmx.de CONTAKT Jewish Community of Würzburg Valentin-Becker-Straße 11 97072 Wuerzburg, Germany Opening hours: Mo-Fr, 10.00- 16.00 Office hours: Di, Tu, 10.00-15.00. Tel. 0931-40 41 40, Fax 0931-46 55 249 Community board office hours Mr. Marat Gerchikov: Tuesday Friday 10.00 - 13.00 Tel. 0931-404 14 14 Membership in the community recording – Forms - to download
﷯DEAR PARISHIONERS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, fortunately, technology today enables us to transport messages in electronic form easily and quickly. We would like to use this comfort to send you faster and better, interesting and up-to-date news about the events in the Israelite community center Würzburg. For this we would like to have your current e-mail address, with which we can notify you regularly (about once a month) in a newsletter.

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