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 „Jewishness” is the guiding idea for all facilities in the new building. As Dr. Josef Schuster, the president the community puts it: „We are not just a cultural society. The syngogue remains the center”. Shalom Europa - the name stands for a unique concept. Over the past four years an area around the existing and now extended synagogue in Wuerzburg has been developed into a complex of buildings which not only house all the modern functions of a growing local Jewish community. Design and content also take into account a vision far beyond regional bordersThe building includes a museum "Judaism in Wuerzburg and Lower Frankonia", an assembly hall, a dining room served from a kosher kitchen, rooms for conferences, seminars and teaching, a meeting place for young people, a senior club and the Documentation Centre of The City of Wuerzburg and the district of Lower Frankonia.
Jewish community of wuerzburg and lower frankonia

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